A thief like no other

A thief like no other

By Michaela


I remember the night you stormed in uninvited.

Like the criminal you are, you kicked down my front door,

leaving what was left of me hanging by loose hinges while you

crept into my life and stole what I valued most.

You, Cancer, are a thief.


For you, Cancer, it wasn’t enough that life as a young adult was already hard, no.

You mercilessly robbed me blind of my dignity, worth, self-image, hair,

and even my goddamn graduation year.

“What did I ever do to deserve this?”

a question I always ask that your ego will, of course, never answer.


And you, Cancer, through your thieving ways, snatched my health and replaced it with sickness.

You took my life as I knew it and replaced it with isolation. Hospitals. Clinics.

You stabbed me with IVs, filled with fluids toxic to everyone but me.

You replaced my circle with the torturous company of empty, echoing, white-washed walls.

And, if you weren’t going to kill me yourself, the shitty hospital food was certainly next in line.


But, I must say, Cancer, you are unquestionably not for the faint of heart.

Your larcenous, stealing, destroying ways take a toll on the mind and body like none other.

You held captive my most treasured possessions,

my health, my happiness, my life.

You, Cancer, are a criminal.


And you, Cancer, deserve a life in prison for the crimes you shamelessly commit.

Wouldn’t it be something for you to receive, as a punishment,

the same life sentence you so boldly hand to others.

A life of sickness and uncertainty.

You, with your weakness, would never survive.  


But I, with every ounce of my strength, did survive.

Your destructive ways were no match for me.  

You may have stolen pieces of me that I will never get back,

and for that, I will never forgive you.

But, Cancer, from you I have grown.


Do you remember that night when you stormed into my life uninvited?

That night, you stole what I held closest,

unknowingly creating space for new treasures to be stored; for growth, for strength to flourish.

Since you, I have rebuilt both my life and the front door you so boldly kicked down.  

But you, Cancer, have not changed. You are still and will forever be a thief.

Where I, Cancer, am now, and will always be, a survivor.  

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